Elevate Your Brine Filtration with Titan Salt! Discover our state-of-the-art, fully automatic brine filtration system designed to maintain clean brine conditions by effectively removing suspended particles. At Titan Salt, we pride ourselves on offering the latest in filtration technology, including heavy-duty candle filters capable of withstanding high sludge loading and high-pressure back pulsing, all while being resistant to acids.


Our filter housings are meticulously crafted from carbon steel shells, rubber-lined to enable chemical cleaning. Additionally, our brine filtration systems are equipped with a compressed air system for efficient back pulse cleanings, as well as a Cleaning in Place (CIP) acid system for thorough maintenance.

Experience the advantages of Titan Salt’s brine filtration systems

  • Eliminate sedimentation time, ensuring immediate usability
  • Achieve complete removal of suspended solids, guaranteeing optimal brine quality
  • Minimize carryover towards the final product, preserving its integrity
  • Reduce heater fouling, enhancing operational efficiency and prolonging equipment lifespan
  • Attain unparalleled product purity, meeting the highest industry standards