Vibrating Bed Dryers

Titan Salt’s fluid bed dryer can operate effectively over multiple months without washing. Due to years of experience and refinement, Titan Salt has created their own process control system to monitor the key performance indicators ensuring a predictable and constant product quality.

titan salt vibrating bed dryer

Besides the product quality a big benefit is the energy consumption. We constantly monitor the product temperature and pressure at several stages. Our software analyses this information and uses this input to control the system. Together with a continuously improved design, our dryers are made for the future. Saving energy day after day.

Vibrating fluid bed dryers are typically used with the following operation aspects and capacity

  • Large product size distribution
  • Large or very fine product size
  • Particle size up to 30 mm
  • Unique crystal shape (i.e. plates)
  • “Sticky” product
  • Low capacity up to 60 t/h
  • Wet cake moisture less than 10%
  • Difficult to fluidize products
  • Allowable extended footprint