Slurry Handling

Revolutionize Your Slurry Handling with Titan Salt! At Titan Salt, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and advanced slurry handling system in the industry. With decades of experience in designing and operating salt plants, we have honed our expertise to overcome the operational challenges faced by salt plants today. Introducing our groundbreaking ‘multi-feed’ slurry handling system, we deliver unmatched performance and efficiency to meet your unique needs.

Slurry Handling

Experience the power of Titan Salt’s Slurry Highway
Our innovative transport system is low maintenance, reliable, and user-friendly. Whether transferring slurries between crystallizers or feeding the centrifuge from the head tank, our Slurry Highway ensures continuous motion of fluids and solids, providing the benefits of smooth operation. Say goodbye to intermediate holding tanks with agitators, as our system requires fewer mechanical parts and pumps, simplifying control setup and streamlining your operations. Moreover, our system can remain in operation during emergency shut-downs or unplanned process obstructions, eliminating the need for time-consuming emptying or flushing.

Head Tank and Slurry Thickener:
When it comes to achieving peak performance in continuous centrifuge operation, trust Titan Salt’s head tank feed system. Designed with your facility in mind, our head tanks enable constant flow and the highest density, ensuring optimal feeding to your centrifuge for maximum efficiency.

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