Titan Salt offers the most comprehensive slurry handling system in the industry.Our team has decades of experience in designing and operating salt plants. We have honed in on this knowledge and developed a new slurry ‘multi feed’ handling system,overcoming the many operational issues salt plants endure today.

Titan Salt’s Slurry Highway is a low maintenance, reliable and user-friendly slurry transport system. It can be used to transfer slurries from one crystallizer to another,or to the head tank in order to feed the centrifuge.

Advantages of our slurry transfer system:

  • Fluids and solids continuously stay in motion with benefits of smooth operation
  • No intermediate holding tanks with agitators required
  • Fewer mechanical parts
  • Fewer pumps
  • Easier control setup
  • System can stay in operation without emptying or flushing during emergency shut-downs or unplanned process obstructions

Head Tank and Slurry Thickener

If you want to continuously operate a centrifuge at peak performance, Titan Salt’s head tank feed system is the best decision for your facility. We design our head tanks with our clients in mind. This type of centrifuge is able to feed with constant flow and highest density.