Productive Plants Sample Safely

In hazardous industries, nothing is more important than operator safety. The LSS-140-ST makes operator safety its highest priority by eliminating operator contact with high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum and high corrosive liquids during routine sample acquisition. Due to the design, Titan Salt’s sample station increases safety for operators and sample accuracy for suspended solids. Accuracy ensures the crystallizer system is operating under optimum conditions and therefore prevents any, related, unexpected shutdowns. One of the world’s largest salt producers uses this sample station, standard, in all newly developed systems and has implemented it in existing facilities for all of their sampling needs.

Sample Station

Advanced LSS-140-ST Features:

  • Eliminates hot slurry contact in sampling
  • Increased accuracy in sampling
  • Unique engineered design
  • Resistant to thermal shock damage
  • Increased safety for sample operators
  • High velocity sample acquisition
  • Intuitive customized options
  • Reinforced Teflon cylinder
  • Stainless steel frame (SS 316L)
  • All wetted parts in SS 316L (Standard)
  • Other materials available