Other drying systems

Salt is our passion and that’s why we are at the forefront of drying technology. Our knowledge in fabricating, installing and operating dryers has been used to craft Titan Salt’s easy-to-operate systems. We’re confident in our equipment and can guarantee our customers a continuous flow of dry, clean and undamaged salt.

We can offer the following dryer technologies:

Static fluid bed dryers/coolers

Vibrating fluid bed dryers/coolers

Steam-driven, gas fired or oil heated

Several techniques for heat recovery of reuse of available energy

Design optimized and dedicated for salt

Brine Treatment and Purification

Emission Reduction
Titan Salt always keeps energy consumption and the environment in mind. We offer several options to keep exhaust air free of contaminants and particles. A clean exhaust flow reduces emissions and provides better air quality for your facility’s environment.

We offer the following technical solutions focused on emission reduction and product recovery:

De-dusting Cyclone

Multi De-dusting Cyclone

Multi-stage De-dusting Cylclone


Bag Filters

Multi Stage Scrubbing Cyclone®

A combination of the options above