Fluid Bed Dryers

Static fluid-bed dryers are popular due to their versatility, size and heat transfer efficiency. The big difference with the vibrating fluid bed dryer is that the product bed is several feet deep due to the use of heat exchanger coils.

Fluid Bed Dryers

Titan Salt is able to design and fabricate static fluid-bed and hybrid fluid-bed dryers. A hybrid fluid-bed dryer has tube bundles inside the drying chamber. The tube bundles are fed with the available hot water/oil or steam, reducing the amount of gas required and decreasing the overall footprint of the dryer.

Static fluid bed dryers are typically used with the following operation aspects and capacity

  • Limited product size distribution
  • Particle size 100 – 3000 µm
  • Use of internal heat exchanger coils
  • High capacity up to 100 t/h
  • Wet cake moisture less than 4% or, re-mixing for higher moisture products
  • Low heat and e-power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Low available dryer foot print