Evaporation and Crystallization

Explore the Potential of Evaporation and Crystallization with Titan Salt! As pioneers of innovative solutions in the salt industry, Titan Salt is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our clients through cutting-edge salt crystallization technology. Our focus is to provide plant solutions that surpass expectations in purity, steam economy, power consumption, and availability. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries, we leverage the latest equipment and innovative designs, positioning ourselves at the forefront of crystallization technology.

Evaporation and Crystallization

Experience the Titan Salt advantage
Our unrivaled expertise and state-of-the-art systems ensure your plant operates at its maximum potential, excelling in operability, uptime, energy efficiency, and throughput. With a proven track record and references, we have successfully implemented solutions across a range of system types and equipment:

System Types:

  • Multiple Effect
  • Mechanical Vapour Recompression
  • Thermal Vapour Recompression
  • Flash/Cooling Crystallization

Crystallizers and Evaporators:

  • Forced Circulation Crystallizers
  • Draft Tube Crystallizers
  • Cooling Crystallizers
  • Falling Film Evaporators

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