Solids Handling

Efficiently transporting large volumes of material can seem like a daunting task. Dry handling different types of salts, from fine flour to coarse rock salt, can present many logistical challenges. Titan Salt’s Team has decades of experience when it comes to moving products in and around production facilities. From custom storage discharging systems to intricate layouts of conveyance, we can meet the needs of any production facility.


Whether you are producing rock salt, solar or vacuum salt, our team can provide the knowledge and tools needed within your industry. We serve manufacturers of pool salt, de-icing salt, food salt, agricultural salt and other mineral products. We offer equipment to size, classify, and qualify your product in an efficient and continuous way. Titan Salt ensures that the right salt, packaging and stream are used for further production and storage.

Product Shaping

What type of salt does your facility produce? Course, medium, fine, micro-fine, flour,dust, pellets, tablets, blocks or flakes? No matter the size, shape or composition, Titan Salt has the knowledge and experience to help you efficiently produce these products.


Efficiently packaging salt product presents its own unique set of challenges. Choosing the correct machines for the right product packaging can prove to be difficult. Additionally, integrating these equipment systems into an efficient layout is a challenge many salt plants face. Our engineers take these concerns seriously and work with each client to produce the most effective, efficient layout to package products in a cost-effective manner. Our unique solutions optimize floor layouts to make sure operator and forklift traffic stay safe and separate.