Dewatering Centrifuges

Enhance Your Dewatering Process with Titan Salt! After achieving crystal perfection in our crystallizer system, the separation from the mother liquor is vital. At Titan Salt, we have developed the industry’s most advanced and operation-friendly dewatering system, ensuring efficient and reliable crystal separation. Our cutting-edge dewatering system features the utilization of Ferrum’s best performing pusher centrifuges.

Dewatering Centrifuges

Drawing on our extensive experience in integrating these centrifuges, we have innovatively engineered dewatering system solutions for both the feed and discharge process sections, offering optimal performance and ease of operation.

Discover our innovative features:

  • In-line pre-thickening upstream of the centrifuge or Integrated thickener (Ferrum patented)
  • Centrifuge solids discharge connection
  • Wash water switch box or Rinsing water flap
  • Improved raceway channel
  • Wet-cake discharge conveying
  • Screw feed inlet as a salt wash feature

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