Interview Johannes and Nathan

Titan Salt

Titan Salt

These days are busy at Titan Salt. The schedules of Senior Process Engineers Nathan Jones and Johannes Niederberger are jam-packed. They are an important part of Titan Salt and are visiting Titan Salt’s office in Friesland (the Netherlands) for fine-tuning and meetings. Normally you will find them at our Chicago office (Illinois, United States), at least when they are not travelling for one of the many projects. It is a rainy day in Bolsward and they are in a videomeeting about systems and the high-end equipment in it. The screen in the meetingroom shows a complicated technical blueprint, but when the meeting ends they are more than willing to share their thoughts.

In the conference room on the second floor, the one with the beach-d cor, it seems like a good moment to take a breath and reflect on their work and the work of Titan Salt.

Johannes and Nathan both went to universities in the United States and worked for other companies prior to Titan Salt. They met when they both worked for another company in the United States. It is not that they were not happy per se, but the opportunities and perspective that Titan Salt has to offer were very attractive. Johannes made the jump first, followed by Nathan last year.

Nathan was impressed by the way Titan Salt was operating. By its vision and philosophy. “What I saw was a company that did not lose sight of its goals, but more importantly never lost sight of its core-values. We build new saltplants and prepare existing plants for the future. That is what we stand for. The past couple of years were tough, but Titan Salt kept its focus all along until success finally arrived. It is was that determination and mentality that drew my attention. Even with the pace we are growing in now, we hold on to those values and continue to do what was envisioned many years ago.”

Johannes and Nathan are optimistic when they look into the future. “Companies are becoming more and more pro-active. Being responsible is not an option anymore, not a choice. Titan is part of the solution. The need for our experience and talent will only grow.

Nathan nods. He is thoughtful and explains: “This is just the beginning. We can help so many companies with their processes.

Johannes and Nathan are both extremely passionate in their aim to improve processes, systems and equipment. It has to be even more effective, cleaner and more efficient but affordable at the same time. “That is extremely exciting. We are working every day to contribute to the process to concur pollution and clean our water.”

It is their last day in Holland. Tomorrow they will fly out, back to the US. Their visit to Friesland (the Netherlands) was very productive and memorable. They admire the new office with its open structure and the positive atmosphere caught their eye. It feels like a big family. That feeling fits Titan Salt.